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Crab Island

Crab Island

Playmont School 6th Grade


Captain’s Branch:

The seas were rough that day. I can remember. The waves were crushing against the sides of the ship. I was just one of several captains aboard the good ship Playmont. There was Captain Noah, Captain Becka, and Captain Walton (that’s me). Captain Noah was in charge of the crew. I was in charge of searching for land and ships (a good job). Captain Becka was in charge of Navigation and steering the ship.


I was in the crow’s nest when I looked down and saw the cabin boy, Than, taking a leak off the starboard bow. I looked away. No land in sight yet. Becka was having trouble steering the Playmont through the mighty waves. My digital watch buzzed, time for a nap. I climbed down from the crow’s nest, and went below deck.

I passed the Admiral’s cabin. He was an English bloke named Sir Edward Hodge, and he snored like a hyena. Next I passed the kitchen. Aadom was the overzealous cook. Although the food was good, it was pretty much gone by the time he finished preparing it. Then I passed by the lounge. Cero and Danny were watching Space Balls. They were the International Medium Weight Crab Fighters of America Champions. The hostile native of the ship, Wendy, was playing with voodoo dolls. Anna was scrubbing the walls. Captain Noah was barfing in the mess room, which he did when the seas were rough.

I finally came to my cabin. Someone was inside! I crashed through the door, getting splinters in my hand. It was Sarrah, the absent-minded maid.

“Oh hi Becka! I just cleaned up your room for you. Wanna play cards? No. Thought not. Who’s steering the ship? Maybe Becka is. Bye Danny!” Sarrah said.

I waved goodbye, as Sarrah left my quarters. Did I mention that she also needed glasses? I looked around. It was just as messy as before. Oh well, I thought, she tries hard. I laid down and went to sleep.

I heard something! I awoke with a start! It was my digital watch again. Time for lookout.

I sat in the crow’s nest. By the look of the clouds, I could see another storm brewing.

Land! I could see a little island! A little island with masts, cannon, and a steering wheel?! Oops, it was a pirate ship. As I sounded the alarm, our crew readied defenses.

The pirate ship pulled beside us, and boarded. They were the meanest. I saw Adge the assassin, Zocros the mercenary, and Moses the peg-legged dog. I was the only one, apart from the girls, that didn’t have a weapon ready. I reached into my pocket. Inside I found my lucky rubber band, a cheerio, my automatic laser can-opener, my Captain Marvel decoder ring, and some sticky, unwrapped gum.

Then, I… I… What?! Oh. Oh yes, well, I took out my lucky rubber band and fired! Zoom!! The rubber band hit the pirate Zocros on the nose, and both he and the rubber band plunged into the water. The storm was worse than ever now.

“Captain Noah!” I called.

“Captain Noah is in the mess room again sir,” Danny said.

More pirates were about to board. Quickly we pushed Aadom on their ship. We pulled him up just as the pirate ship sank to the bottom of the sea.


Lightning and thunder was everywhere. Admiral Edward was cowering in a corner and said “Be brave men, be brave!”

“Who is steering the ship?” Cero said frantically. We looked around, but Becka was no where to be found. No one had seen Becka since the pirates had boarded.

“Sarrah will do jolly good,” Admiral Edward said. After a few seconds Sarrah was spinning herself in circles, and spinning the ship all over the place. Just then a huge tidal wave engulfed the ship! I’m thirsty, I need a drink. All this story-telling parches one’s gullet, you know? Anyway, yeah, it was a huge wave from out of no-where. It surprised everyone on board, and wrecked the ship.


Ok. The next morning I awoke. We were all there except Becka. It was a rather large island from what we could see. Then again, any land bigger than our ship was large to us. Most of the island was a tropical forest. We were on the deserted beach. Our ship, The Playmont, was in pieces. All that remained intact was the food compartment pantry.

“Well let us make the best of it!” Admiral Edward said as he stood up. “Danny and Cero, off you go to fetch some sticks. Let’s make a fire. Walton and Than, go get some food.”

As Than and I approached the food compartment, we heard some movement from inside. All that remained was Cook Aadom, leaning on empty canisters and barrels. “What?” he asked in response to our accusatory looks, gestures, and grunts. We went to bed without dinner that night, but Aadom was stuffed.

The next morning we found Wendy missing. We searched along the whole shore. On the far side of the island, a man about 4 feet tall jumped out! He was wearing a funny looking mask, which looked like this (drawing).


We all jumped back. The masked stranger sat there looking at us. Cero tried to talk to him in latino jibberish; “Mantero erocko senbala ka.”

“Yo man! What you sayin’?” the little man said.


Then we… ah yes. A drink is refreshing. At first we were startled, then gathered ourselves and asked him his name.

“I am a witch doctor. My name is El Mich. I am the long lost son of your Admiral Edward. You may call me Doctor Hodge. Hodgey for short,” he said. Then Dr. Hodge showed us to his hut, and gave us coconut juice. We drank the coconut juice, and it was finally something rewarding after all we had been through. After that he showed us the crab cake trees, the shrimp trees, and the banana bushes. We took him to our campfire.


At night we were all around the campfire. El Mich said “See that path there? Never walk on it. It leads to the place of the crabs!”

“Good thing I brought tartar sauce!” Cook Aadom said.

In the morning when we woke up, Sarrah yelled “Gold!”

“That is not gold. Those are beer caps!” Cero said. There were silver ones and yellow ones. We devised a way of using the caps as currency. We traded them to Dr. Hodge for food, and he would trade them for supplies. In that way we made quite a living for ourselves, despite all our troubles.


We were all collecting the caps, when a giant crab came from behind us and grabbed Captain Noah. Cero and Danny got into crab fighting formation. Dr. Hodge ran into the tropical forest. After much fighting, finally Cero and Danny (the wrecking crew) defeated the crab. Its great hulking mass collapsed upon the sand.

“I’ll get the grill!” Aadom shouted.

We had a great feast that night. In the morning we cleared out the shell to make a hut. Anna said, “Where is Captain Noah?”

We looked all around. We saw a mess upon the ground. Captain Noah, creamed by a crab, we never thought it would happen.


As sun set neared we sat on the shore, searching the horizon for a hope of rescue.

“Chan, do you think we will be rescued?” Sarrah asked me.

“I don’t know,” I said.

Then she got up and started dancing wildly around. Sarrah threw her hands in the air, and flailed about random comments of horses and taxes. Before we could figure out what she was talking about, she jumped into the ocean. We tried to pull her out, but she was already out to sea.

After the failed rescue of Sarrah, we crawled into the crab hut and went to sleep. The next morning we found Admiral Edward lying dead with marmite and vodka all around. I was in charge now. Before lunch we made a funeral pyre for the Admiral and buried it.

After lunch we began rebuilding the ship. We worked all night. By the next morning we had finished. “One thing gang,” Danny said. “We have a weight problem! Too many cooks, or in this case too much of one cook.”

Just then Cook Aadom sank into the sand.

“Well, that’s it then. Let’s go!” As Danny said that, the giant crabs led another attack! We managed to drive them back, but our ship’s haul was devastated. On top of our ship still being wrecked, our island food was diminished. We had picked all the crab cakes, and the coconuts and bananas were out of season. Unfortunately all the shrimp on this island grew on trees, which had all been picked as well. That left fishing, and bird catching. For weeks we honed our skills at those hunting methods.

A week passed. It had been a month since we first came there to the island. Fishing was a disaster, and we became so weak we could not even lift the rod. Bird hunting was fruitless as well. We had no strength to hit them, make traps for them, and there were not any birds around anyway by the end of the week.

Dr. Hodge had not been seen around. So we just sat. We could not survive another attack by the crabs, and we didn’t know how long it would be before we starved to death. We could see the fins of sharks lurking in the water. We heard “na na, na na, nana, nana…” then we told Cero to cut it out.





One day I saw something in the air! “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO? Run!” I said as I remained sitting there staring upwards. We were too weak to run, instead we watched in disbelief. A beam shot down and teleported us into the ship.


Strange green aliens nourished us to health. After a while we felt normal. After being shown my quarters, I drew this map of the island from memory. Strangely enough, the aliens dropped us off at an old Washington Home. We said good bye to the aliens who had rescued us from the island. Times were good after that, and we made the best of things at that old mansion. We named our new home after our lost ship, The Playmont.


Nothing lasts forever, and after a few years of communal living at Playmont, we went our separate ways. We eventually became a part of the Capitalist Consumer society again, well most of us. After a few years of making money and getting in and out of debt, here I am. All I have left from those times of adventure are these 2 beer caps. Oh, its 7 o’clock which means its time to go to my psychologist.


If you ever wonder if my tale is true; just pick up a beer cap and use it to buy a rock. That’s all that money is anyway. We use paper cash to buy more worthless trash and then we throw that crap away; like beer caps. If you want to feel how it felt when we made a living as castaways, and survived on that island… bite into a crab cake.

X = Our Shipwreck and Aadom’s Grave

POC = Place of Crabs

Red Shell = Crab Hut

Green Dot = Dr. Hodge’s Hut

Black Dot = Admiral Edward’s Grave

Other Dots = Resources (Banana, Shrimp, Crabcake, and Ruins)



Appalachian Potato Plan

The Appalachian Potato Plan

Harpers Ferry Junior High School, WV


It was in the clove of seasons, that the classroom was alive with learning. Winter was dead, but Spring had not yet sprung. Bees were abuzz, when they should not have been, but this was normal for teenagers. Ranale was slapping Carrie, Ruth was shooting colored rubber bands, and Amber was just nodding her head and saying “Uh-huh…” William was scribbling on his folder. The two Mark(c)’s were putting up the bulletin board. Mrs. Brown was passing out papers, and Chris was passing out from holding his breath. Mike was stapling his shoe. Natasha and Jennifer were taping the wall like wild burritos.


I was just handing in my folder when Mike fell out of his seat, knocking me to the floor with lightning speed. The two Mark(c)’s were wrapping eachother in big sheets of color paper, and hitting eachother with rulers like mad dogs. Suddenly Ranale pushed them on top of us. With all the commotion, Natasha and Jennifer lost their balance and fell upon Amber’s desk, knocking all three of them into the pile.


I was smushed to the orange carpet floor, where the strips of duct-tape are. Slowly I watched a crack appear and the tape began to peel back. The floor was caving in!!!


While Ranale was laughing like a hyena, Carrie pushed her into the pile-up. “The floor is caving in!” I yelled. No one heard me in all the chaos, except Ruth who said “He’s right!” We tried to disperse the pile of rag-dolls, but it was too late.


“Oh great,” I said disappearing into the blackness below. Ranale grabbed onto Carrie to try to pull herself out, but ended up pulling her in too. Ruth was still on firm ground and caught Jennifer’s hand. Natasha was falling through the hole in the floor because Amber was holding on to her leg, so she grabbed Jennifer’s toe. Mark clung to Amber’s heel, as the other Marc hung on his shoe-laces. Ranale and Carrie were dangling from the top edges of Marc’s socks. While Mike hung from the sole of Marc’s boot, he caught my ankle and my stomach hit my throat like a runaway train.


“Hold on!” Ruth shouted trying to pull us up. “Don’t let go!” Mark shouted.


So there we were, the 9th Grade Class dangling beneath the floor of the English room, at Harpers Ferry Junior High (which was actually in the town of Bolivar). We were hanging there like acrobats! As I hung there, trying to remain as still as possible, I examined the subfloor 10 feet below me. The basement floor was of red and white tiles. The red ones formed a symbol… it was the Nazi Swastika!!


Suddenly Ruth was kicked from behind and we all continued to plummet. We hit the floor altogether like a ton of bricks hitting an empty pool. It was like a nightmare.


After everyone had toppled off the pile, all I could say was “Ouch!” It was not fun being a trampoline for anything larger than yourself, or as the case may be a herd of things larger than yourself. We began calling for help, but it seemed no one was up in the English room anymore. Where was Mrs. Brown? Who had kicked Ruth? We did not know. While Mike was saying something about “Awesome,” Ranale was asking how we were going to get back up.


“It’s simple, we aren’t.” Carrie said. “We are going to live and die down here like a pack of poodles. Except we are poodle-less.”


Ruth said “We should walk around down here, there has got to be an exit.”


“It’s your fault we are down here in the first place!” yelled Mark.


“I was kicked from behind!” Ruth replied.


“What the hell is a Nazi Swastika doing here?!” I asked.


Natasha pointed to the left where it was dark. It was a tunnel. We dusted ourselves off, and descended even further into darkness.


“There’s some sort of hieroglyphics on the wall,” Marc noticed, passing his hand over the narrow walls of the passage. Jennifer got an extra torch from the wall and lit it.


“What do the symbols say?” asked Ruth.


“It’s ancient Hebrew, I think,” said Amber. “I think I can read it. It says something about being born unto the Earth, and the external flames were extinguished. Fire and brimstone. The cavities of light. A plane, coming to take us away. Sunglasses… mushy oatmeal!”


“Put a wallet in her mouth!” someone yelled.


“Oh my!” exclaimed Ranale.


Amber calmed down, and said “I’m sorry, I am a little rusty with ancient texts.”


“That’s ok,” Mike said. “We don’t need to know what it says.”


Ahead was a soft orange light. It was coming from an elevator. It was open, and an old man with a black suit on stared at us from inside. “I’m not going in there!” Ranale whispered. “Come on, it’ll be fun!” Mark said. “Besides, when was the last time you saw an elevator in West Virginia?” “Exactly!” Ranale said.


After some arguing, we all squeezed in the elevator. The old man was wearing a grey uniform, and had gray hair to match. I was very suspicious of him, but he did not have red eyes, threaten us, or attack us. “Going up!” the old man said, and the doors closed us in like birds in a cage.


We were moving up fast. “O.K. we’ll get off here,” Ranale said. The old man just stared at his finger nail. “WE ARE GETTING OFF NOW!!!” Nale shouted. The elevator came to a halt. The doors opened and we fell out. As the elevator went back down without us, we heard the faded laugh of the old man.


Now we were in a computer room. On the floor were windows. While Mike pressed buttons on the computers, the rest of us looked down through floor windows. Below us was the English room! The hole in the carpet that we fell through was taped back up! No one was in the room. Where was Mrs. Brown?


“Wait a minute!” Jennifer said. “Where is William?”


“Right here!” William answered as he pressed a potato to Mike’s head. “I see you’ve uncovered my undercover operation. I have no choice but to terminate you all. You must understand, nothing can stand in the way of my Appalachian potatoes.”


“What???” Carrie questioned.


William smiled and continued his plot. “When I discovered that there were Appalachian potatoes under the school, and that Nazis would buy them for $100 an ounce, I made a deal with a Nazi distributer. Their part was to supply me with the tools and computers to run a secret mining operation under the school. My part was to shave my head, and put swastikas on it. To hide my new hair style, I wear this wig. Besides that they wanted me to put Swastikas in the middle of all the flags in the school. No one has noticed because the flags hang down all the time, and the swastikas cannot be seen.”


William began to laugh. “I thought my operation was fool proof, until you fools fell right into my base! I am going to be quite wealthy, as the magic potatoes are abundant in these parts from all the junk that people throw into the woods. The pollution drips down into the soil, and makes me money! Ferrari F40 here I come!!”


“Where is Mrs. Brown?” Ruth asked.


“She is at home, sick.” William answered. “She has been sick for 2 weeks. The Mrs. Brown you’ve seen is merely a hologram to keep you in class, while I dig my potatoes. To keep suspicion at bay, I send a hologram of myself into classes. Less talk means less programming for the computer hologram, that is why my hologram rarely reads out loud. I only come out of my secret base to play sports.”


“But the holograms seem so real!?” Marc said.


“The entire carpet is lined with a laser grid,” William explained. “A beam is sent down from the ceiling grid, and sounds are made from the air vent. The film-projector screen enhances the 3-D image by bouncing the signals. These windows appear to be lights from below, and I use them to observe you. I also create fire drills when necessary.


Before William could say any more, Mike struck like lightning and grabbed the potato away from him. William laughed, “You can’t kill me, I have trained under Chuck Norris!”


“You can’t kill me either,” Mike said. “I am an android.” Mike tossed the potato to Ranale. William swung at him. He missed! He missed again!! And again!!! That’s when Mike tore off his face revealing that of a machine. “Too fast for you?” Mike asked as his hair spikes shot out from his head and paralyzed William.


After some torture from Carrie and Ranale, William promised not to deal with Nazis anymore. We sold all the computers for big bucks. William grew his hair back, but we never got around to removing all the swastikas from the flags. Every once in awhile, we open the cabinet doors and climb up to the empty room where the great Appalachian potato operation was uncovered.


As for the old man in the elevator, we never saw him again.



Prospective Hall

Prospective Hall  1992


Chapter 1: The Arena

“Unless you wish your face to collide in a metaphysical way with my calculator-ruler, I suggest you shut up!” Brendan managed to ramble as he waved his icon wildly.

The entire English class broke into a horrendous typhoon of laughter. A voice came from a far desk, “Hey Brendan, you can kiss…” but Gregg was cut off by a glare from Mrs. LaCross. Mike C. and Justin G. leapt up and attempted to tip Brendan into the trash. Mrs. LaCross was yelling at all of us, as Jen and Julia rattled on about stench.

Steve O. began the onslaught of questions about his essay, and Hector was sneezing himself into oblivion. Randy stood up and admitted that a group of terrorists had stolen his homework, and were holding it for ransom.

“No Randy, I will not lend you money to pay off the Cubans!” Mrs. LaCross stated. “But it must be in by…” Whamm!! Mrs. LaCross was hit in the back by an eraser. “Alright people!” she screamed. “Who’s throwing erasers?!”

“It was the ghost of Agnes!” Hector teased, only to find that his pencil had turned to dust. Jeff was knocked to the ground by a herd of stray erasers. Dave released a chuckle and was sequentially electrocuted by a falling light.

The floor trembled and the walls crumbled about us. Hector scrambled around for his comics that I had been looking at. There was a clap of thunder, and the ceiling fell in shrouding us in a cloud of dust. Just before things faded to black, I thought I saw a misty figure. It happened within a minute, but even today it remains a mystery to me, how my entire High School Sophomore English class disappeared without a trace.

Meanwhile three groovy seniors skipped merrily across the Gym floor. Jane screeched to a halt, and motioned the other 2 to stop. “What if Mrs. LaCross rejects our proposal?” Corey just shrugged, “I don’t know what she’ll say, but I think a nude drama club is a great idea.” Shelby smiled “Yeah, just like Woodstock!”

“Well it won’t hurt to ask,” Jane said. “After all, Mr. Hoggman likes the idea!” Then they heard the clap of thunder coming from the English room. As they opened the door to the English room, their faces froze in quizzical expressions.

Suddenly Jimmy skipped across the Gym to meet them. “Whatcha doin’?” There was no reply from the three girls as they stared into the dust cloud inside door of what was once the English room. Jimmy peered through the doorway, “Oh, I see you’ve discovered my little plot. Well, it can’t be helped I suppose.”

“The entire English room is… SMOLDERING ASHES!!” Jane yelled, as the door crumbled at their feet. Corey and Shelby cringed. Jimmy bobbed his head up and down, as bat wings sprang from his back. “Yes! Now you must travel to the ethereal plane and watch the goings on!”

The three girls were close to a full schizoid break-down now, but Corey managed to say “Wha… what’s the other option Jim?”

“Well you can stay here, and die, or you can come watch the festivities. By the way, I am not Jimmy, I am just a demon in the form of Jimmy.

The girls looked at eachother. “Well I guess it would be a fun experience to hang out with a demon…” Shelby said timidly. “OK” ZAP they were gone.

There we stood, within the darkened Arena. Back to back we faced the tall, circular wall of bleachers that now encased our English class. The ground was like a giant sandbox.

Brendan was relieved that we was not in the garbage can, and that the trash had spilled onto Mike and Justin. Gregg was mumbling an assortment of obscenities, and a cold chill came over us. Steve’s mouth hung open and Justin’s eyes flittered repeatedly as he tried to comprehend the events of the past 60 seconds. It was impossible.

“Where is Mrs. LaCross?” Jen asked in a concerned tone. “Dave’s dead.”

Mike was laughing. Heather was screaming. Julia was sobbing. Chris pointed towards the other end of the Arena, “Who’s that?!” he asked. Suddenly large overhead lights came on, illuminating the Arena.

“Oh crap,” Matt said; for it became evident that our predicament had worsened. “It’s Mr. Hoggman!” Heavy metal music began to play, Gwar I think.

“What? Do we have to fight our Principal?” Randy said nervously. “Mr. Hoggman, why are you wearing armor and a bathrobe?” Paula asked cautiously.

Hoggman marched toward us, and began proding Jeff with his pitchfork. “Stop it!” Jeff insisted. “He’s an android!” Matt shouted. “No I’m not!” Jeff responded. “No not you stupid, I mean Hoggman. Hoggman is a robot!”

“How do you know that?” Jeff asked.

“I don’t, I am just guessing. I read a lot of science fiction.”

“Me too, but in fantasy its usually a doppelganger. Right Walton?” “Yep.”

Rob picked up an eraser from the wreckage of the English room. He threw it at Hoggman, and then picked up Brendan’s calculator-ruler. “Come get me!”

Matt started dancing around wildly, and proclaiming “I am the Titillator!” It worked well as a distraction. He was baiting Hoggman, blowing kisses at him.

Randy stepped forward and punched Hoggman in the stomach, but Hoggman swung and cut Randy with his sword. Heather shrieked. Hoggman hurled his pitchfork at Gregg, but missed. Randy’s face became red. “You bastard, you cut me!”

Suddenly an arrow seemed to come down from the sky, and hit the Hoggman clone. The body of the Hoggman doppelganger dropped to the ground, dead. The arrow had actually been shot by a young man with a black mustache, and goatee. “Whoah! Who’s this?” Mike asked as his hands made funky formations.

“My name is Hamid,” the stranger replied as he walked closer. “You have helped me defeat the evil Hog Meister, and now we are free to leave this place. Come, we must climb the bleachers.”

Jimmy was lurking on the bleachers with the three senior girls. “Not so fast! You will all be replaced with demonic clones! These girls are now are now the demonic Fates of Prospective Hall. You can be cool like them if you join me!”

Rather than join him willingly, we chose to throw things at them. The demons fled away into the night sky. We climbed up the bleachers, and then climbed down to the grass outside.

“How are we going to get home?” Mike asked, gesticulating manically.


Chapter 2: The Highway, Forest, & Swamp

Hamid said “We must follow the Asphalt Highway. Eventually we will get back home. I think.”

“We don’t have cars! Without cars we will get run over on the road,” the girls noted.

“No one can use cars on this highway anymore,” Hamid said. “You will see.”

Indeed we did see. The Asphalt Highway was a mess. Broken and abandoned vehicles were strewn about. There were pot-holes everywhere, and garbage in huge piles all along all lanes of the road. “Ew,” Heather said.

We began our journey along the Asphalt Highway, but the going was slow. Some of the trash was smoldering, or on fire. Other patches were slick or sticky with oil. All of it was smelly. Soon we began to hear beats. It was rap music!

“Yo, yo, yo! My name is Joe!” a boy in baggy pants confronted us. “Welcome to the Land of Rap, YO! I challenge you to a rap-off!”

Rob accepted his offer, and they rapped for hours. Eventually we were forced to leave that place without Rob. It seems he had succumbed to the allure of the Land of Rap.

Huge gnarly trees covered the road for a few miles. There was a sign that read ‘FORGOTTEN FOREST’. Oak trees, maple trees, and locust trees slowed our movement, with roots and branches trying to block our every step.

We had lost Jen, Julia, and Gregg by the time we reached a sign that read ‘SWAMPY SWIMMING POOL’. It was an old stagnant pond that had once been an elaborate concrete swimming pool. Suddenly several tentacles reached out of the depths, and began pulling us all into the waters! The stench was horrid, and the water was cold.

We were all eventually dragged kicking, screaming, and biting into the bog. We had no real weapons with us, and so it was hopeless. The tentacles were long, strong, quick, and seemed to know where we were. I remembering being pulled under, then I blacked out.


Chapter 3: Agnes the Prospective Ghost

Hector was slapping me when I awoke. “Wake up, damn you! I think we went through a time tunnel!” We were all sopping wet, but alive. We were back at school!

“Why do you think we travelled in time?” Jeff asked.

“Well let me see, there are crops in the fields all around the Mansion. Do you see anything that looks 20th Century?” Hector prompted. “No I didn’t think so.”

“Hey, a young girl name Agnes just said she was going inside the Mansion to get help for us,” Hamid said. “I said to hurry up, because we are missing a few people.”

“What??!! Agnes??? As in the ghost that haunts our school?!” Brendan gulped.

“Oh crap.” Steve said.

“Run!” Randy said.
“Hide!” Jeff said.

“To the Mansion! We must save her! They are bricking her up!” Matt yelled.

Hundreds of winged demons flew from the Mansion towards us. From the widow’s walk on the roof, a demonic version of Mr. Furgal commanded the attack. The demons lifted us, despite our struggling, and threw us all down a nearby well.

Once again I lost consciousness.


I awoke to find myself in front of the school Gym. Red graffiti was sprayed all over the façade of the building. The words read “666 SATAN RULES!” It was the demons’ final message to us, warning that although we were back in reality ‘as we know it’, we would never be safe. At least we have Agnes the friendly ghost to help us.

They say things change. Well some things seem to change faster than others. Immediately after our adventure, Hector moved to Texas. I don’t blame him. Only 2 years later, our class graduated.


Internet note: This is a FICTIONAL STORY. If you do not want your real name to be mentioned in the story, just let me know and I will change your name. The teacher names were spelled different as they play ‘bad guy’ roles in the story. Also remember that this is fiction, and the whole school in the story also has a different name. I do not have any full real names here, so this story should have no affect on real people’s lives. In other words if someone searches your name, they should not find this. If they do and you don’t like it, we can change your name entirely here as an edit.