Ghosts at Prospect Hall

High School English 1992

Walton Stowell Jr.

Ghosts do not exist for most people who have not had supernatural experiences, or encountered spirits first hand. As for myself, I have a few noteworthy experiences with the supernatural. Even for those that have had intense contact with the otherworld, there is very little evidence besides their stories and the locations of the encounters.

Despite any skeptics, I remain a great fan of the supernatural. While attending Saint John’s at Prospect Hall, I have the honor of being a part of our very own ghost stories. As for documentation of Prospect ghosts, there is a documentary film that covers Frederick ghosts, and a book. I will attempt to tell all I can here.

Agnes was a slave girl who was sealed within the walls of Prospect Hall. She has become an accepted addition to the school’s life. Amos F. Brown, a former janitor, swears to have seen and heard the spirit on the second floor. Although Amos passed away a few years ago, his story lives on as no one doubted his honesty.

Another ghost of Prospect, is a Civil War General. This haunting ghost may be General Hooker, as he received his dismissal here. The ghost could also be General Meade haunting the halls in which he relieved General Hooker. General Meade’s takeover of the Army of the Potomac was immediately before the Battle of Gettysburg.

There have been ten to fifteen witnesses to ghostly events at Prospect Hall. Maybe someday we will find out just exactly what’s going on here. Until then we can only develop theories around the disturbing events, and continue seeking answers.

(a summary script for the documentary film with Ben Harrison)