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Famous Super Heroes in Harpers Ferry

As a kid in Harpers Ferry, I read and drew alot of Super Hero comics. I cut-out paper dolls of my favorite characters, so they actually came to life off the pages that i drew them on!

In fact Nancy Reagan did bring the Super Heroes known as “The Defenders of the Earth” in 1986 to the Harpers Ferry trainstation downtown. All of Shipley School went to see them tell us to “Just Say No to Drugs”. Flash Gordon was the most famous of that group. Thursday, Sept. 11, 1986. The rally was part of a cross country journey “Whistlestop Tour for the Prevention of Drug Abuse,” targeted at getting elementary school-aged children to say no to drugs: Mrs. Reagan declared the city the first “Just say no” town in America.

Here I have drawn fan art, in the style of my youth to show 4 of the most famous heroes: Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, and Batman (DC, Marvel, DC, Marvel, DC). The photo background house is 1989, at the height of my comic collecting. Harpers Ferry itself is a perfect setting for heroes and villains of all kinds.




Walton Stowell II Chronology

Chronology for the Life of Walton Stowell II

1976                              born

1977                              1yr

1978                              2yrs

1979                              3yrs

1980                              4yrs        Montessori Preschool

1981                              5yrs        Montessori Kindergarten

1982                              6yrs        started 1st Grade Public School

1983                              7yrs        1-2  Public School

1984                              8yrs        2-3  Public School

1985                              9yrs        3-4  Public School

1986                              10yrs       4-5 Public School

1987                              11yrs       5-6 Public School

1988                              12yrs       6-7 Public School

1989                              13yrs       7-8 Public School

1990                              14yrs       8-9 Public School

1991                              15yrs       9-10 Public School

1992                              16yrs       10-11 Public School

1993                              17yrs       11-12 Public School FLW Scholarship

1994                              18yrs       12th Graduated – Start College RWU

1995                              19yrs       Freshman – Sophomore RWU

1996                              20yrs       Sophomore – Junior RWU

1997                              21yrs       3rd year Transferred RWU

1998                              22yrs       SCAD 4th

1999                              23yrs       SCAD 5th

2000                              24yrs       SCAD 6  Architecture Masters Degree

2001                              25yrs       NPS Travel the USA, 911

2002                              26yrs      NPS & local jobs, organic farming, pub work

2003                              27yrs     NPS & local jobs, travel, architecture

2004                              28yrs     NPS & local jobs, historic preservation, art

2005                              29yrs      Taught College and Joined Air Force

2006                              30yrs      Air Force Training in TX & Missouri

2007                              31yrs       Married Noel Tavano, AF Training in LA

2008                              32yrs      Wrote Harpers Ferry Houses with father

2009                              33yrs      Published 10 years of short stories, father died

2010                              34yrs      Published SCOD Architecture Thesis, left AF

2011                              35yrs       Published Hopper’s Furry (11th book)

2012                        36 yrs      Major House Renovations, cleaning, sculpture

2013                       37 yrs      Basement work, organic gardening, more books

2014                      38 yrs       Published HFM Bible, Family Art-0graphies


Hopper’s Furry

Once there was a place called Hopper’s Furry.
It was a land ruled by furkins, before the coming of monkins.
Animals lived together on a hill between two rivers and two mountains.
This is their story, and the tale of old Hopper the rabbit.

The name “Hopper’s Furry” came about from my work on “Harpers Faerie Magic”. I had been writing about a magical Bard that played a Magic Fae Harp, and fairy folk… Thinking about the Mist in the Mountains and what not … I began to have problems transferring real-life stories to fantasy language, because all the humanoid fae were still so personal i was rethinking how to publish … so then i realized that removing the human forms, and using animals (like so many of our favorite childrens books), provides a freedom to tell real stories in a harmless but still personal way. A homophonic pun for an anthropomorphic version of our home town, in a fantasy past before humans.

At the same time, I began writing a Civil War fantasy story, “The Harper’s Fury”, but the animals won out for my attention. “Hopper” worked well since it was a separate word, but similar to the way my Dad (from New England) pronounced “Harper”, and “Furry” is a different word, but retains the double-R and keeps the letter count. “Furry” is similar to the way locals (West Virginia) pronounce “Ferry”. So the name works well in part because it combines a Northern and Southern pronunciation of the place, and is disarming all at the same time.

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