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I had only mild experience with these issues growing up within my own family. However over the years I have had close relationships with people from very different upbringings (broken homes, alcoholic and abusive divorced parents, etc). I believe these severe home environments worsen any mental illnesses that exist within a family. Therefore I want to provide some basic advice for others (like me) that struggle to understand and deal with loved ones and friends that are victims of lives full of these mentally ill, addiction, and abuse patterns. We all have psychological issues that we can work on, however in some people these issues are so severe and numerous that the issues become overwhelming and uncontrollable for normal rational and functional individuals to handle one-on-one or alone. If you have the patience to read this small essay entirely and study it, chances are you are not controlled by mental illness, addiction, or abuse; yet are seeking ways to help others in such a helpless situation.

Initial Vocation Counselor psychological advice:

“When i meet with people with bi polar…i ignore the content of what they are saying and try to hone in on how much the mode fluctuates, how engaged they are with treatment, what insight they may have, how they cope and if it is effective … if its off then they are not ready for work… The best thing you can do as a friend is point them in the right direction, and protect yourself from enabling codependency. An untreated person with bipolar lets their mania drive them, which is exhausting for everyone involved. Be compassionate by setting limits and repeating the mantra… ‘you need to get some help with this… I cannot do it, you need to for yourself’. Hold strong to boundaries… otherwise, you’ll be driven crazy as well! It is not your job to get them to follow through.”  – J.M.

Professional Advice for those suffering from multiple deep psychological issues:

“They need a psychiatrist (medication prescriptions) / x2-4 times a week therapy, and involvement with recovery… ie: meetings, or natural community involvement without alcohol… study sessions of psychology or with a psychologist…etc.”  – J.M.

Safe Hobbies are a good outlet against ‘boredom’, but for people with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) it is very difficult to focus on detailed tasks for extended periods, so healthy patterns are harder to establish because they usually take more effort than going out to a bar and drinking (and related self-destructive behaviors). Also many at risk people consider self-destructive behaviors to be ‘having fun’, whereas sane people consider ‘having fun’ to be safe, nurturing, child-like (as opposed to childish), creative, or mature behaviors.

National AA Hotline: 800-252-6465 or State Social Services 211


10 Steps to Defeating Addiction

(based on the AA 12 Steps without all the God stuff)

1. Admit we were powerless over addiction—that our lives were chaotic and destructive.

2. We are ready to accept help and to help ourselves heal.

3. We begin to develop control techniques over our addiction.

4. We make a moral inventory of ourselves and list improvements to work on.

5. Admit to ourselves, and to others our own faults, and goals.

6. Address all our defects of character on a daily basis.

7. Humbly admit our addictions.

8. Make a list of all persons we have harmed, and be willing to make amends.

9. Use prayer or meditation to improve our consciousness, willpower, and dedication.

10. With these practices we gain more and more control over Addiction gradually.


How to avoid unhealthy Co-Dependence:

So the question remains: how do we define the line between being an enabling codependent and a controlling aggressive bully? The middle path seems to be ‘mutual assertiveness’, which is a corner stone for healthy friendships, and also the basis for all healthy relationships.

If mutual assertiveness is the middle-ground answer, what if the other person cannot meet us half way? Can we use passive or aggressive communication to persuade the other person to engage in mutual assertiveness? It is natural to get angry or scared in relationships, however the difficult part is trying to maintain mutual assertiveness even when the other person is not reciprocating. At times this will be a sacrifice, as the one attempting to be reasonable will be abused or neglected by the other person in mania or depression. Assertiveness can respect boundaries, and seeks cooperation between individuals for mutual conflict resolution. Sometimes (even for extended periods of time) mutual assertiveness cannot exist due to inability to negotiate on one side or the other, or both.


Personal Note:

My own psychological issues revolve around anger (PTSD), depression, and alternative life-style non-conformity. My ways of dealing with my issues so they do not become harmful addictions or abuses are numerous; and include daily practices of meditation, self-evaluation, and self-improvement. These are achieved (with various degrees of success) through yoga, martial arts, day dreaming, brain storming, list making and checking, chart development, reading and talking to others (whose opinions are respected and safe by sane standards) for advice, questions and answers, and repetition of mantras and exercises (physical and mental). It is an intense regular regiment of combined techniques, however it has saved me from suicide and saved me from severely harming others. I wish others to have the some of same limited but substantial success I have had, yet with less suffering and even better luck.

* I would like to thank my friends and family for helping me study and work on these issues.


Kip Stowell Resume (1981 long version)

RESUME  (written by Kip in 1981)

Walton “Kip” Danforth Stowell Sr., AIA

769 Washington Street

Harpers Ferry, WV 25425


Templeton High School, Worcester County, Massachusetts

Graduated June 1954

University of Pennsylvania, School of Fine Arts

Philadelphia, PA Graduated June 1960

Bachelor of Architecture

Continuing Education

Attingham Park National Trust for Historic Preservation Summer School

Shropshire, England

Study and Travel / Historic Houses of England

Summer of 1962

Construction Specifications Institute

Engineers Club, Philadelphia, PA

Specification Writers School



Historic American Building Survey

United States Department of the Interior / Library of Congress

Summer student assistant architect


Cornelius W. Bucklet, AIA, architect, Worchester, MASS

Architectural Draftsman


C. Wesley Dingman, AIA, architect, Princeton, MASS

Architectural Draftsman and Designer


Philadelphia Planning and Service Center

National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior

Historical Architectural Draftsman and Interior Designer


Interpretive Design Center, Harpers Ferry, WV

National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior

Architect, National Park Planner, and Exhibit Designer


Foreign Travel

Canada, Mexico, Republic of Haiti

England, The Netherlands, France

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan

Registered Architect

Licensed to practice architecture in 6 states and the District of Columbia

Virginia 3408

Pennsylvania EX5613

Maryland 2445

West Virginia 1025

Massachusetts 3195

New Hampshire 874

District of Columbia 2181

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, Washington DC

Certificate Number 11472

File Number 14806

Professional Organizations

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Corporate Member

National AIA Committee Member / Architecture for Arts and Recreation

West Virginia Society of Architects (WVSA) Board Member

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Potomac Chapter

Board of Directors:  1972, 1973, 1974, 1975

Treasurer:  1976, 1977

Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) Member

Association for Preservation Technology (APT) Member

National Trust for Historic Preservation  (NTHP) Member

Civic Activities

Harpers Ferry Town Council 1975-1977 / 1977-1979

Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library

Board of Trustees 1975-1981

Harpers Ferry Merchants Association Member  1970-1979

Vice President 1976

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Stowell Galleries 1974-1976

Harpers Ferry Historic Landmarks Commission 1980-1981


International Institute of Interior Design

2228 R Street, Washington DC

Faculty (part-time) 1972-1975

Board of Trustees  1974-1980s

Chairman, Board of Trustees 1976-1979

Northern Virginia Community College

Stirling Park, Virginia

Curriculum Advisory Board Member for Interior Design Department 1976-1980

Shepherd College

Shepherdstown, WV

Adult Education Instructor / Architectural History Fall 1980

Adjunct Professor of Architectural History 2004-2005

Private Interests

Stowell Galleries / Contemporary Art

769 Washington Street, Harpers Ferry, WV

Co-Owner with Evalina Manucy Stowell (Nena)

Stowell Architects, AIA, Architect and Interior Designer

769 Washington Street, Harpers Ferry, WV

Proprietor with Partners

Designed and Built Projects / A Selected List of Private Clients

1.  Stuart House, Gardens and S. Facade, South Main Street, Baldwinville, MA 1960

2.  Baldwin House, Restoration,  South Main Street, Baldwinville, MA 1963

3.  CJ Moore House, Exterior & Interior Renovations, 401 Pine St. Philadelphia, PA 1966

4.  Ataviano House, Restoration & Renovation, 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 1967

5.  McClure House, Restoration & Renovation, Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA, 1967

6.  Grossman House, Exterior Restoration, Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA, 1967

7.  Henderson House, All New, Front St. Philadelphia, PA, 1968

8.  Scarpulla House, Restoration & Renovation, Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA, 1968

9.  Just Now Boutique, Jane Druryea, Interiors, Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA, 1969

10. Perelman Antique Toy Museum, Restoration, 2nd St. Facade & Doorway, Philadelphia, PA, 1969

(for John Lloyd, AIA)

11. Hirsch House, restoration of 2nd St. Doorway, Philadelphia PA (for Carl Massara, AIA) 1969

12. Curtis-Waterston House (Tannery), Renovation & Reconstruction, Main St. Burkittsville, MD 1974

13. Silvers House, Restoration & Renovation, N. 29th St. Richmond, VA 1974

14. Dunn House, Addition, Charles Town, WV 1975

15. Locust Grove Nursing Home, Addition, Bolivar WV 1975

16. St. James Catholic Church, addition and interiors, St. George Str. Charles Town, WV

17. Lavine & Jackson Law Offices, interiors, K St. NW Washington DC 1976

18. Fiori-Jackson Law Offices, interiors, Cathedral Place, Conn. Ave. NW Washington DC 1976

19. Harlow House, addition / renovation, Bakerton, WV 1977

20. Hopkins House, addition, Percelville, VA 1977

21. Hadley House, addition / restoration / interiors, Summit Point, WV 1978

22. Jackson House, restoration / interiors / landscape, Charles Town, WV 1978

23. Musick House, restoration / interiors, Union St. Bolivar WV 1979

24. Bolivar Community Center, assembly hall, Panama St. Bolivar, WV 1979

25. Fox Guest House / Studio, renovation / addition, Blue Ridge Acres, Harpers Ferry, WV 1979

26. Cassidy House, new house, Ridge Street, Harpers Ferry, WV 1980

Designed but Un-executed Projects / select private clients

1. Shank-Matthews Gazebo, garden house, Boonsboro, MD 1976

2. St. John’s Episcopal Church, addition / new church-school, Washington St. Harpers Ferry, WV 1977

3. Dresden Town House, restoration / renovation / interiors, Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA 1968

4. Durso House, new house, Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA 1968

5. Pritchard House, new house on stone barn foundation / passive solar, Jefferson County, WV 1979

New Projects in Design Stage / select private clients

1. Beallair Manor, restoration / renovation / interiors, former estate of Col. Lewis Washington

The Kennards of McLean, VA

2. Res. Reformed Church & Town Hall, restoration / renovation, Burkittsville Heritage Society, MD

3. Jackson House, additions, Charles Town, WV

4. Waterston Boathouse Pavilion, new structure, Burkittsville, MD


1.  Petersham Historic District Plan, Petersham, MA (Haines 1963)

2.  Historic Structures Report, Customs / Scale, Salem, MA NPS 1959

3.  Historic Structures Report, Adams Mansion addition, Quincy, MA NPS 1968

4.  Architectural Advisor, Burkittsville, MD Historic District

5.  Architectural Advisor, Charles Town, WV “Pride In Action”

6.  Architectural Advisor, Harpers Ferry, WV Historic District

Exhibit Designs & Museum Interiors / select NPS projects

1.  Norris Basin Museum, Yellowstone, 1969

2.  San Cristobal Museum, San Juan, PR 1970

3.  Parachute Key & Royal Palm, Visitor Centers, Everglades 1971

4.  Portable Exhibits Chalmette Battlefield, LA & C&O Canal MD (airports, malls, schools) 1973

5.  Nelson House, basement lounge, Yorktown, VA 1974

6.  Second Bank Portrait Gallery, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA 1975

7.  Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC 1976

8.  Fort Point, Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA 1977

9.  Fort Larned KA, (project manager) 1978

10. Assateague & Chincoteague Tom’s Cove Visitor Center, exterior & interior renovation 1979

11. Cowpens Battlefield, Visitor Center, Chesnee, SC 1980

12. Olympic Pioneer Visitor Center, Port Angeles, WA 1980


Award of Excellence, Federal Design Council for Interiors & Exhibits for Second Bank Gallery 1975

Artwork Exhibited

“Animal” wood sculpture, Worcester MA Regional Show 1962

“Elm Memorial” wood sculpture, Jefferson County Arts Council, Woodbury Mansion Show, 1977

Leetown, WV

Work Published

1.  Design for a modular building toy, Industrial Design Magazine, Spring 1955

2.  HABS drawing of Bryan House, Gettysburg, PA Journal of AH Fall 1957

3.  Articles in Two Centuries of Philadelphia Architecture, Museum of Art, 1964

4.  Photo of Moore House kitchen, Designing Interior Environments, Harcourt-Brace 1972

5.  Notes on concrete block house construction, Assoc. Preservation Tech Journal, Spring 1974

6.  Second Bank Portrait Gallery, exhibits, Interior Design Magazine, June 1976

Experience and Training Background

A. Architect (August 1969 – )

Office:  Harpers Ferry Center, Division of Exhibits, NPS

Immediate Supervisor:  Robert G. Johnson

  1. Provide architectural recommendations related to exhibit design
  2. Plan interior spaces and provide furnishing plans
  3. Prepare plans for adaptive uses (museums) of historic buildings
  4. Prepare electrical plans and work with a/e contractors
  5. Work with and function as occasional Staff Curator
  6. Prepare construction drawings for exhibit structures and interiors
  7. Produce design concepts for Staff Curator, Regions, or parks

B. Architect, 11/63 to 8/69

Office: Philadelphia Planning and Service Center, NPS US Department of Interior

Immediate Supervisor:  Lawrence B. Coryell and Donald Benson

  1. Prepare research notes and reconstruction drawings for historic structures
  2. Provide working drawings for construction jobs
  3. Work closely with engineers, landscape architects, and architects
  4. Design and write specifications for visitor center interiors

C.  Draftsman-Designer, 1/63 to 11/63Office:  CW Dingman AIA, Architect, Princeton, MA

Immediate Supervisor:  C. Wesley Dingman, AIA

1. Design Schools and Houses (Kiebler House, Princeton, MA)

2. Inspect construction of schools  (Paxton School, MA)

D.  Draftsman-Designer, 5/61 to 1/63

Office:   CW Buckley AIA, Architects, Worcester, MA

Immediate Supervisor:  CW Buckley

1. working drawings for schools, public buildings, clubs, (Lithuanian Club, Worcester, MA) 1961

Special Assignments with NPS

While working for Philadelphia Planning & Service Center (design & construction; Donald Benson, Chief of Design Office) was assigned to Division of Historic Architecture (Branch of Restorations; Lee Nelson Supervisor) for purpose of making evidence drawings and working drawings during restoration of Independence Hall. (Supreme Court Room and Second Floor Hall) * Invaluable experience in architectural preservation and Street Lighting.

While working for Division of Museums was assigned to represent Office of Planning and Design (Washington DC; Donald Benson, Chief of Architectural Design) to review architectural needs on several Virgin Island projects. * excellent opportunity to work on park planning

Assigned to design and install “Environment” exhibit with NPS Office of Environmental Interpretation (DC; Chief Hugh Muller) for the Second World Conference on National Parks, held at Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 1972.  * involved with environmental education

Member of interpretive planning team for Naval Live Oaks and Davis Bayou, Gulf Islands National Seashore (with Denver Service Center). Architect for schematic plans and architectural directive for a/e contractor. Member of interpretive prospectus team for Gateway National Recreation area NYC June 2, 1977. Designed special bi-lingual exhibit “Discover Gateway” which was installed in the Gateway Welcome Center (formerly Navy Exchange Building for Floyd Bennett Field). Planned adaptive use spaces (arts & crafts social room and exhibits).

Military Service

Reserve Duty, 6 yrs non-combat

  1. Massachusetts Army National Guard; Transportation Unit; Gardner MA

6 months training at Fort Dix, NJ 1960;  3 months on the job training as cook; training as APC Driver (Armored Personnel Carrier) and truck driver (2.5 ton).

  1. Pennsylvania Air National Guard (transferred from MASS ANG 1963)Willow Grove Naval Air Station, PA; served as draftsman & designer with Base Engineer. Airman of the Month Award, June 1966 Flight Sergeant – Tactical Air Command, Honorable Discharge 1966.


Horticulture and Landscape Gardening; collect photos of plants, yard furniture, folly structures; have designed several gazebos and ornamental garden-scapes. Clients include G. Stuart (Baldwinville MA), J. Shank, and J. Matthews (Boonesboro MD), E. Lancaster (Berkeley Springs WV), Stowell Galleries (Harpers Ferry WV). Attended the International Conference on Preservation and Restoration of Historical Gardens and Landscapes, sponsored by Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the American Horticultural Society (1975).