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Change does happen, and history repeats itself in Hopper’s Furry.

Rude furkin and monkin alike are prone to destroying gardens, homes, and other furries we and Hopper may have loved.

So when bits of Hopper’s land are destroyed, try not to be too sad.

Even those that do not care for Hopper will eventually follow him.

And when their spirits leave their bodies, their dead corpses will feed soils, which feeds green plants, and even perhaps eventually feed friends of Hopper.

The spirit of Hopper can never be destroyed.

If you and I can remember Hopper, perhaps we can also be happy more often, despite the pitfalls of life.

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Career Calling

I am lucky to realize my calling, as making books is more fulfilling than any other job ive ever had. This is because i have always loved art and writing, and being self-employed fits my psychological and philosophical style. It is the only long term job I have found, that i can see doing for the rest of my life. Well writing books, and gardening. Then there will always be my hobbies; photography, carving walking sticks, martial arts, etc….

Pitcher of Immortality

A Byzantine Quest for the Holy Grail

With over 40 illustrations, this choose-your-own medieval-fantasy adventure novel was written and drawn in 1989 by 13 year-old Walton Stowell. You play the role of a Byzantine Knight on a quest for the Pitcher of Immortality (like the Holy Grail). Other names for this role-playing genre might be pick-your-path or multiple-choice-mystery. Warning: there is death by accident, berserker violence, goblin killing, giant slaying, and dragon fire (among other ways to die)!  112 pages

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