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Cartoon Style Portraits from Photos

FILMATION style portraits = starting at only $20 per portrait (based on $20 per hour)! Pay by check in the mail. Email the artist for details:

(see information at top to contact artist directly with email for more details)



I Will Haunt Harpers Ferry

When I die, my ghost will haunt Harpers Ferry.


I want to make it clear to all; expect to feel my presence around town after I die. I intend to tether myself to the area for a few hundred years at least, specifically in all the places that I visited while I was alive. My spirit will reside most frequently within our family property, and diminishing beyond our block.


Perhaps my ghost will be seen in habitual patterns like reading books, drawing, using stairs, walking the porches, mowing the lawn, or practicing various martial-arts routines. However I could be trapped within a chronic hysteresis depending on the circumstances of my death. If I should have a violent or accidental death, then I give anyone permission to attempt to solve the mystery, and set my soul at ease. Regardless of how I die, or how my corpse or memorial is handled, I am sure of one thing.


I will haunt the living-crap out of Harpers Ferry!

Or i might be reincarnated as a squirrel, or some other small critter, and then shortly die again; and haunt the town as the ghost of that animal. Either way, or both, I am just making my intentions public knowledge.

I will haunt the living-crap out of Harpers Ferry!

– Dr. Sir Walton D. Stowell Esq. III

Crop Killer: Field of Giants

I am writing my next short story = CROP KILLER : Field of Giants !!!

This is another Interactive Short Story (ISS) from my old D&D Campaigns that I wrote in High School, and played with local friends. It is based on my old writings, but modified to make it a multiple choice adventure, and given a new twist (just like the ones already completed; see Pitcher of Immortality, Grimlok, Falling Waters, etc.)

In this adventure I will be addressing the modern issue of commercial developers paving over farmland to make McMansions.

“A sign in the Dead Possum Lodge read “The Valley of Flowers is hiring brave heroes to stop the Bane of Crops!”; in small print at the bottom of page it continued “Must be willing to confront giants!”. From the tales you hear at the lodge, your help is needed. So you are on your way to Flower Valley, because you have decided to defend local farmland from devil-lopers that have summoned giants to destroy the landscape in order to build enormous constructs of evil. You are not sure what you can do, only that you must go for the sake of the land.”







Creative Commons for All!!!

We should all use Creative Commons with Attribution Freely

Creative Commons should be the way of the future. Let us make it so! Most of our classics are public domain, and the original authors are more famous and popular for it, which allows their estates to still reap profit. Do not be afraid to allow fans to use your work freely from the start. Generosity should be more rewarded than selfishness.

From the unfortunate way that the business world works today, one could argue that everything should be copyrighted, because “if you don’t protect your work, someone else will copyright it, and steal profits from you“. However just because Disney tries to purchase the rights to everything, does not make it ok. No one should be able to copyright Homer, for example. Additionally profit can still be gleaned in various ways from the fame and popularity of your work, even if someone else “steals it”, and makes it big.

This goes for writing, photography, and all arts. If you want to share your art with others, make it legal for them to use it respectfully. Your work will always be yours, to the extent that it ever was. It does not mean people should be able to deny that you had a hand in making something, but that is easily and respectfully done in credits.

(please ‘steal this’ or repost freely)