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Interactive Short Stories – (ISS Series Volumes)

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1 – Multiple Choice Adventures 1

2 – Grimlok

3 – Falling Waters

4 – Crop Killer

5 – Harpers Faery Fellowship

6 – Multiple Choice Adventures 2

7 – Power Made Easy: Wicked Wizard on Loud Heights


Multiple Choice Adventures 1

Maze, Rob Hood & Darlacks, Castle Molofe, Tartiar, Death Streets, Marsarian, Camping, COM Computer, Super Christmas

Crystal Toe


Grimlok: Beauty & Beast

Grimlok BB


Falling Waters

Waterfall City


Crop Killer: Field of Giants

CK Title


Harpers Faery Fellowship



Multiple Choice Adventures 2

HF Faery Circle


Professor Walton Stowell attended public and private schools in the WV, VA, and MD Tristate area. He earned a Masters Degree in Architecture and was a Civil Engineer in the Air Force. As an artist, architect, and author he hopes to continue sharing stories that engage readers and help make their lives better through creative ideas.

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“This is a multiple-choice adventure short-story. You are the main character! Read the introduction background first. Next keep reading until you come to a list of options. Choose which path you want, then turn to the selection as labeled or directed. Finally enjoy the adventure, and remember you can always go back and try again!”



Articles in WV Encyclopedia by WDS2

Here is a link for the online version of the WV Encyclopedia articles based on my writings. They were later altered by editors, and may be changed entirely in the future. As of 2012 the articles are loosely based on my original essays.