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Journal – July 2013

List of on going projects:

1.  painting exterior porches of house

2.  replacing broken boards on porch

3.  redesigning bathroom (master bath)

4.  regular chores:  mowing, clipping, checking, dusting, feeding birds, trash…

5.  writing 3 books

6.  planning to camp in August at Blackberry Cove with Reid

7.  working with locals on mutual cooperative projects (SCOD, AMM)

8.  paying locals to help with projects

9.  planning to convert piano into tv center

10.  cleaning and converting


~ I sat beside him, through the night.

Listening, praying, thinking.

He’s dying,” I said to God and myself.


My brother: the architect; the mayor; historian; artist; husband; father… my brother.”


Please, take care of him.”


Then I thanked Kip, in unspoken words;

for teaching me to be patient,

for going with me to New York City (so I wouldn’t be alone),

for showing me how to use my imagination,

for always being happy to see me,

for giving me unconditional love.


Then, as the gray of the icy January morning receded,

I turned on the television,

so Kip could hear history being made,

only an hour away.


I think he passed on peacefully that night;

leaving behind his devoted family, his beloved town, and his country;

all well-prepared to build new structures;

strong and beautiful, enduring and dynamic;

formed from the truths he believed in and passed on,

to all of us. ~