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Reenactor Brian Woole

Spent an afternoon volunteering with Brian Woole, who spends his free time doing various creative community activities like playing music in a public park group, to reenacting as a newspaper journalist during the Civil War. He agreed to collaborate on a video, so we met downtown in Harpers Ferry.


1.  Downtown at Point  (video 1)

2.  Downtown on Street  (video 2)

3.  Street Highlights   (video 3)



[from tiny Blue Book story early 1980s]

Star Pilot fought against slavery anywhere in the Galaxy, because of an oath he took as a boy in Star Academy. His ship instruments picked up telegraph signals from Union President Abraham Lincoln. So Star Pilot turned the tides of our Civil War.

Civil War Star 1

Union forces still suffered heavy casualties. But bullets and canon balls only dented the Star Ship.

Civil War Star 2

Soon the Rebels were forced to retreat, past their canons, and across the river.

Civil War Star 3

Union General US Grant sword fought Rebel General Robert Lee. Their styles were different, but they were equal in power. Star Pilot had to break the stalemate.

Civil War Star 4

At the end of the last battle, General Lee surrendered his sword. This meant the War was won, and Star Pilot could move on to another planet.

Civil War Star 5

Tristate Mentors (concept)

Tristate Mentors Concept Proposal for Grants

This month I founded ‘Harpers Ferry Mentors’ for low income families & unemployed neighbors. This project is to expand upon local area efforts underway now. The goal is to fund grassroots teaching, learning, and community spirit in the Tristate area (WV, VA, MD). I am doing this for the same reason I do all my projects (see SCOD), because it is how I choose to live as a Veteran Environmental Architect with a Masters Degree.

Tristate Mentors will work with local teachers and professors around the USA to empower the human children of Earth (of all ages and abilities) to be cooperative partners in a progressive future. Tristate Mentors will build from alternative networks established by SCOD (Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development) and Harpers Ferry Mentors; to raise awareness of patterns and cycles of life that have various values, share information and knowledge about various subjects, and encourage wise decision making skills. Mentor wisdom will aid children in utilizing their awareness and knowledge through-out the rest of their lives. Mentors will teach compassionate ethics, environmental sustainability, community consciousness, individual wellness, social justice, and multi-culturalism regarding various common subjects.

I have always been extremely passionate about these issues because of my own education, so I am convinced that if others know what I know, there would be more of us.

The Tristate Mentor project will use multimedia, but will primarily be old-school tutoring. The focus of the project will be paying and giving gifts to students and adult teachers, to sit down with eachother and share what they know. The mutual exchange between mentor and student will focus on positive aspects of progressive living (compassionate ethics, environmental sustainability, community consciousness, individual wellness, social justice, and multi-culturalism). The subjects taught will be Reading, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Local Regional History, US History, World History, Physical Fitness, Psychology, Philosophy, Visual Arts, Video Film-making 101, Performing Arts, Architecture, Art History, Wood Working, Drawing, Gardening, Harpers Ferry History, Martial Arts, Musical Arts,

and more….

To teach others Tristate Mentors must be FREE and AVAILABLE at least to the poorest members of our communities. When students and mentors get gifts and money, they will promote these values. Tristate Mentors can potentially reach thousands of people, and will affect hundreds directly. Since 2000 I have been building up to this point.


WITHOUT GRANTS, MENTORS CANNOT TEACH FOR FREE OR EVEN TRADE. Exceptions include barter gifts of $20 an hour utilitarian equivalents like $20 in gasoline, $20 in something else agreed on but reserve right to decline unless the tutoring is for a life-saving subject.

When I was a kid growing up in Harpers Ferry, WV I founded a local ‘Ghost Busters’ franchise with Fritz, Jane, & Keith. We built equipment and investigated many cases. I wrote and illustrated a ‘Supernatural Guide’, as well as many adventure stories. I even made business cards for neighbors to call us if they had a paranormal problem. The cards had different catch phrases on them: ‘Call us’; ‘We get the job done fast.’; ‘You got a ghost? We’ll bust it!’; ‘Tips – do not panic, get to the phone fast, call us!’


Ghosts 01Ghosts 02

Childhood teams I formed included: Ghost Busters, Bird Fighters*, Bee Busters, Fly Busters

*Bird Fighters did not fight birds, we were like Voltron.