Walton Davis Danforth Masters Manucy Stowell 

Most of my Celtic Bloodline is Scandinavian (as much as half). Those “Germanic” tribes were more Norse; not just the Viking raids and Danish conquests, but all the way back to the Jutes and Angles who seem much more Scandinavian than German by location and bloodline. Including the later Normans, again more Norse than French. My dominant family trees of Scotch-Irish and English all were mainly Scandinavian after 6th Century. And yet i am only 5′ 2″ with naturally curly dark hair (ok some stray red and blonde and lots of grey and white now). England’s gene pool got flooded by immigrant invasions big time after 6th Century. The oldest English blood is Welsh, which i most resemble physically, so 35% from Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland accounts for all my dominant traits (including my blood which has Mediterranean Anemia). Wacky races; no wonder Beowulf and Hamlet (Denmark) are so popular in England.

The fact remains according to ancestral historic documents, 50% of my recent ancestors lived in England and then New England for hundreds of years, and 50% of my recent ancestors lived in Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Spanish Florida for hundreds of years. Before the 6th Century AD they were from Scandinavia (mostly), Spain, Italy, and Greece. Both race and culture mix and change with every generation, and many of the female family lines are unknown since they usually took the man’s last name. I am an Atlantean Celtic tiny Viking, that is fiscally conservative (one percent Jew).

Scandinavia 37-64% 51%  Celtic (after 600 AD)

Ireland-Wales 3-25% 14%  Celtic

Italy-Greece 1-23% 11%  Mediterranean

Spain 1-22% 10%  Mediterranean

Britain (England) 0-18 5%  Celtic-Germanic

France-Germany 0-19 5%  Celtic-Germanic

Jewish-European 0-3 1%  Near-East

Middle-Eastern 0-7 3%  Middle-East

(African may not have shown up because my prehistoric ancestors over 1,000,000-200,000 years ago may have left Africa a hundred-thousand years before many of the Cro-magnons did, which would account for my Neanderthal brow, and thousands of years mingling in Europe. )