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Artist, Architect, and Mayor of Harpers Ferry

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Kip was born ‘Walton Danforth Stowell’ in Massachusetts. He lived a long life as an artist, architect, and politician; settling in Harpers Ferry, WV. This biography spans 73 years of Kip’s life, from 1936-2009; and is a summary of people, places, and art related to him. As an architect he worked for the National Park Service, but also maintained private practice. Kip loved entertaining people, and was loved for his enthusiasm for design. Among his most famous designs are the Charles Town War Memorial, Turf Race Track Hotel, Bolivar Community Center, and Harpers Ferry Town Hall. His greatest contributions to Historic Preservation may have been to protect the Town of Harpers Ferry and the Peter Burr House for all time and for all people. Kip saw Architecture as Art you live in; Sculpture that provides shelter.

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Interactive Short Stories – (ISS Series Volumes)

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1 – Multiple Choice Adventures 1

2 – Grimlok

3 – Falling Waters

4 – Crop Killer

5 – Harpers Faery Fellowship

6 – Multiple Choice Adventures 2

7 – Power Made Easy: Wicked Wizard on Loud Heights


Multiple Choice Adventures 1

Maze, Rob Hood & Darlacks, Castle Molofe, Tartiar, Death Streets, Marsarian, Camping, COM Computer, Super Christmas

Crystal Toe


Grimlok: Beauty & Beast

Grimlok BB


Falling Waters

Waterfall City


Crop Killer: Field of Giants

CK Title


Harpers Faery Fellowship



Multiple Choice Adventures 2

HF Faery Circle


Professor Walton Stowell attended public and private schools in the WV, VA, and MD Tristate area. He earned a Masters Degree in Architecture and was a Civil Engineer in the Air Force. As an artist, architect, and author he hopes to continue sharing stories that engage readers and help make their lives better through creative ideas.

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“This is a multiple-choice adventure short-story. You are the main character! Read the introduction background first. Next keep reading until you come to a list of options. Choose which path you want, then turn to the selection as labeled or directed. Finally enjoy the adventure, and remember you can always go back and try again!”


Change does happen, and history repeats itself in Hopper’s Furry.

Rude furkin and monkin alike are prone to destroying gardens, homes, and other furries we and Hopper may have loved.

So when bits of Hopper’s land are destroyed, try not to be too sad.

Even those that do not care for Hopper will eventually follow him.

And when their spirits leave their bodies, their dead corpses will feed soils, which feeds green plants, and even perhaps eventually feed friends of Hopper.

The spirit of Hopper can never be destroyed.

If you and I can remember Hopper, perhaps we can also be happy more often, despite the pitfalls of life.

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Pitcher of Immortality

A Byzantine Quest for the Holy Grail

With over 40 illustrations, this choose-your-own medieval-fantasy adventure novel was written and drawn in 1989 by 13 year-old Walton Stowell. You play the role of a Byzantine Knight on a quest for the Pitcher of Immortality (like the Holy Grail). Other names for this role-playing genre might be pick-your-path or multiple-choice-mystery. Warning: there is death by accident, berserker violence, goblin killing, giant slaying, and dragon fire (among other ways to die)!  112 pages

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The following is a list of the primary books I have published:

1.  MOSS – My Old School Stories  (compendium of fiction stories)

2.  Harpers Ferry Houses  (with Kip Stowell)

3.  Hoppers Furry Tale

4.  SCOD 2000  (Architecture Thesis version)

5.  Ten Consciencious Objections to War – Operation 10 COW

6.  BDU – Air Force Basic Training Journal Unauthorized

7.  Pitcher of Immortality – Byzantine multiple-choice fantasy

8.  Art Beyond Reality  –  my art portfolio 1  (1976-2012)

9.  Multiple Choice Adventures  –  Interactive Short Stories

10.  Art By Nena  –  Nena Stowell’s artwork  (1960-2012)

11.  Kip Stowell Biography  (Paperback) (abridged Kindle)

* this is not a full list of my books, nor does it note sales popularity; it is a list based on the major titles of my different series categories. Nor does it distinguish paperback from ebook.

Hopper’s Furry

Once there was a place called Hopper’s Furry.
It was a land ruled by furkins, before the coming of monkins.
Animals lived together on a hill between two rivers and two mountains.
This is their story, and the tale of old Hopper the rabbit.

The name “Hopper’s Furry” came about from my work on “Harpers Faerie Magic”. I had been writing about a magical Bard that played a Magic Fae Harp, and fairy folk… Thinking about the Mist in the Mountains and what not … I began to have problems transferring real-life stories to fantasy language, because all the humanoid fae were still so personal i was rethinking how to publish … so then i realized that removing the human forms, and using animals (like so many of our favorite childrens books), provides a freedom to tell real stories in a harmless but still personal way. A homophonic pun for an anthropomorphic version of our home town, in a fantasy past before humans.

At the same time, I began writing a Civil War fantasy story, “The Harper’s Fury”, but the animals won out for my attention. “Hopper” worked well since it was a separate word, but similar to the way my Dad (from New England) pronounced “Harper”, and “Furry” is a different word, but retains the double-R and keeps the letter count. “Furry” is similar to the way locals (West Virginia) pronounce “Ferry”. So the name works well in part because it combines a Northern and Southern pronunciation of the place, and is disarming all at the same time.

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