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Star Pilot in the Civil War

[from tiny Blue Book story early 1980s]

Star Pilot fought against slavery anywhere in the Galaxy, because of an oath he took as a boy in Star Academy. His ship instruments picked up telegraph signals from Union President Abraham Lincoln. So Star Pilot turned the tides of our Civil War.

Civil War Star 1

Union forces still suffered heavy casualties. But bullets and canon balls only dented the Star Ship.

Civil War Star 2

Soon the Rebels were forced to retreat, past their canons, and across the river.

Civil War Star 3

Union General US Grant sword fought Rebel General Robert Lee. Their styles were different, but they were equal in power. Star Pilot had to break the stalemate.

Civil War Star 4

At the end of the last battle, General Lee surrendered his sword. This meant the War was won, and Star Pilot could move on to another planet.

Civil War Star 5


Cave Creatures

drawn from an original elementary school drawing

Cave Creatures

Is this a mirage?  – redrawn from original drawn in elementary school

Oasis Monster

I drew these cartoons for Dad when I was in elementary grade school.

Super Architect


Super Architect 2

* (missing several)

Green Troll

Green Troll – aka Forest Troll

Green Troll



Green Spider

Green Spider created by WDS2 in 1986.

Originally drawn in 1991 as “Green Spider Lurks”

Green Spider Lurks A

Green Spider Lurks B

Green Spider Lurks C

Green Spider Lurks 1k

This was not actually the first Green Spider Comic. The first was drawn as a flip book in 5th Grade 1986, and traded in class with other students.