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Creative Commons for All!!!

We should all use Creative Commons with Attribution Freely

Creative Commons should be the way of the future. Let us make it so! Most of our classics are public domain, and the original authors are more famous and popular for it, which allows their estates to still reap profit. Do not be afraid to allow fans to use your work freely from the start. Generosity should be more rewarded than selfishness.

From the unfortunate way that the business world works today, one could argue that everything should be copyrighted, because “if you don’t protect your work, someone else will copyright it, and steal profits from you“. However just because Disney tries to purchase the rights to everything, does not make it ok. No one should be able to copyright Homer, for example. Additionally profit can still be gleaned in various ways from the fame and popularity of your work, even if someone else “steals it”, and makes it big.

This goes for writing, photography, and all arts. If you want to share your art with others, make it legal for them to use it respectfully. Your work will always be yours, to the extent that it ever was. It does not mean people should be able to deny that you had a hand in making something, but that is easily and respectfully done in credits.

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Online video and news channel for local talent.

Does anyone know how to run a local server?

For now we will have to use free platforms:

HFCC Facebook Page

HFCC Youtube Channel

Direction vs Perfection

Direction vs Perfection


For me Life should be more about direction, than perfection. I say ‘should’ because I often do get hung up on relative perfection. I say ‘relative’ perfection to clarify the desire to make something as flawless as possible, as opposed to archetypal Platonic perfection. ‘Direction’ is obviously a metaphor for life purpose (not travel orientation).


I have intense drives both for direction, perfection, and the desire to not be a hypocrite. Despite these drives, the suffering of life forces me to compromise. My heroes all have some traits which can be perceived as flaws, and even make them hypocritical in some ways. And my interests, needs, actions, and desires often have contradicting aspects to them. So now you know I am talking about reality.


So for me to be generally happy, I have a general direction in my life towards art, architecture, and environmentalism. I am content to try to make things better, as opposed to making them perfect by objective standards; because practicing perfectionism to me means never being content. My directions, on the other hand, allow for distractions, contradictions, and errors; because directions are ways of life, careers, goals, quests, ethics, and other complex ideals or theories.