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Reenactor Brian Woole

Spent an afternoon volunteering with Brian Woole, who spends his free time doing various creative community activities like playing music in a public park group, to reenacting as a newspaper journalist during the Civil War. He agreed to collaborate on a video, so we met downtown in Harpers Ferry.


1.  Downtown at Point  (video 1)

2.  Downtown on Street  (video 2)

3.  Street Highlights   (video 3)



[from tiny Blue Book story early 1980s]

Star Pilot fought against slavery anywhere in the Galaxy, because of an oath he took as a boy in Star Academy. His ship instruments picked up telegraph signals from Union President Abraham Lincoln. So Star Pilot turned the tides of our Civil War.

Civil War Star 1

Union forces still suffered heavy casualties. But bullets and canon balls only dented the Star Ship.

Civil War Star 2

Soon the Rebels were forced to retreat, past their canons, and across the river.

Civil War Star 3

Union General US Grant sword fought Rebel General Robert Lee. Their styles were different, but they were equal in power. Star Pilot had to break the stalemate.

Civil War Star 4

At the end of the last battle, General Lee surrendered his sword. This meant the War was won, and Star Pilot could move on to another planet.

Civil War Star 5