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My Genealogy

Walton Davis Danforth Masters Manucy Stowell 

Most of my Celtic Bloodline is Scandinavian (as much as half). Those “Germanic” tribes were more Norse; not just the Viking raids and Danish conquests, but all the way back to the Jutes and Angles who seem much more Scandinavian than German by location and bloodline. Including the later Normans, again more Norse than French. My dominant family trees of Scotch-Irish and English all were mainly Scandinavian after 6th Century. And yet i am only 5′ 2″ with naturally curly dark hair (ok some stray red and blonde and lots of grey and white now). England’s gene pool got flooded by immigrant invasions big time after 6th Century. The oldest English blood is Welsh, which i most resemble physically, so 35% from Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland accounts for all my dominant traits (including my blood which has Mediterranean Anemia). Wacky races; no wonder Beowulf and Hamlet (Denmark) are so popular in England.

The fact remains according to ancestral historic documents, 50% of my recent ancestors lived in England and then New England for hundreds of years, and 50% of my recent ancestors lived in Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Spanish Florida for hundreds of years. Before the 6th Century AD they were from Scandinavia (mostly), Spain, Italy, and Greece. Both race and culture mix and change with every generation, and many of the female family lines are unknown since they usually took the man’s last name. I am an Atlantean Celtic tiny Viking, that is fiscally conservative (one percent Jew).

Scandinavia 37-64% 51%  Celtic (after 600 AD)

Ireland-Wales 3-25% 14%  Celtic

Italy-Greece 1-23% 11%  Mediterranean

Spain 1-22% 10%  Mediterranean

Britain (England) 0-18 5%  Celtic-Germanic

France-Germany 0-19 5%  Celtic-Germanic

Jewish-European 0-3 1%  Near-East

Middle-Eastern 0-7 3%  Middle-East

(African may not have shown up because my prehistoric ancestors over 1,000,000-200,000 years ago may have left Africa a hundred-thousand years before many of the Cro-magnons did, which would account for my Neanderthal brow, and thousands of years mingling in Europe. )






US Passport Info

2 page application / call US Post Office for appointment to take photo and make book.

Father: Walton Danforth Stowell (Kip) born 01 / 30 / 1936 , Massachusetts

Mother: Mary Evalina Manucy born 07 / 26 / 1946


~ I sat beside him, through the night.

Listening, praying, thinking.

He’s dying,” I said to God and myself.


My brother: the architect; the mayor; historian; artist; husband; father… my brother.”


Please, take care of him.”


Then I thanked Kip, in unspoken words;

for teaching me to be patient,

for going with me to New York City (so I wouldn’t be alone),

for showing me how to use my imagination,

for always being happy to see me,

for giving me unconditional love.


Then, as the gray of the icy January morning receded,

I turned on the television,

so Kip could hear history being made,

only an hour away.


I think he passed on peacefully that night;

leaving behind his devoted family, his beloved town, and his country;

all well-prepared to build new structures;

strong and beautiful, enduring and dynamic;

formed from the truths he believed in and passed on,

to all of us. ~

Lake Sunapee

Biography & Geography based on an English Class assignment in 1989


There is a place in New England where I went every summer since I was born, until I finished college. The name of it is Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire. Lake Sunapee is a very unique place; and I have interesting experiences, feelings, and memories associated with it, accumulated over the years. Let me explain to you the rare treasures of Sunapee that are familiar to me; the ideal mountain vistas, the gorgeous and thrilling waters, the beautiful vegetation and geology, the pine scented air, great old boats, and metamorphosis of seasons.

My father (Kip) and his two brothers owned our family cabin, which was really a small house that we affectionately called the ‘Camp’. They inherited Camp from their parents, who originally bought it from their friend, Marion Savory, in 1960. The official title of Camp is ‘Summer Savory’, which is a pun of Marion’s last name, the sweet summer herb, and the adjective savory (morally pleasant). Camp was built in 1903, on a small lakeside wooded lot. Under the seclusion of the trees, while resting in a hammock, you can glance around and see several types of trees, animals, ferns, lichen, moss, and rocks.

The grey rocks are formed so smoothly, they encourage soft relaxation. Every rock is blended into the leaf-covered surroundings, as though arranged by ancient pagans. The rocks are familiar to me, each with their own characteristics. When I was four years old, I named them all. Some look like chairs and tables, some look like animals or vehicles. A large rock I played on by the Camp as a kid, was named ‘Ship Rock’. Most of the rocks are down by the water; Computer Rock, Frog Rock, Boat Rock, etc.

If you follow the path down to the water, you use steps made from the old train-tracks that were on the terrace landing, between the Camp and the Lake. Down by the water’s edge are a series of wharfs and docks. Uncle Chan and his family keep boats, canoes, and other aquatic devices there. Uncle Chan was a police officer on the Lake, and he kept his police boat there too. Uncle Jay did not actively use the Camp, but he had his own place on Great Island, where he had a collection of antique boats.

The clean fresh air in New Hampshire tends to be typical of New England; the wind is dry and cool, with an aroma of pine needles. When it rains, it is often just as beautiful as when it is a clear, warm day. Although thunder storms do knock hillside trees down, perhaps reminding us that nothing is forever. In the Winter the Lake freezes over so thickly, that trucks can drive over it. It can get very cold and windy. Camp was not winterized (insulated), and so we depended on the fireplace and thermal blankets.

In 1989 we went skiing with Uncle Chan. During the Summer I often participated in water sports with Cousin Chip; water skiing, water tubing, and swimming. The State Beach is nearby along the shore. The Beach has nice sand, and usually full of people having fun in the Summer Sun! Near the paddle-boats, there is a secret canal swamp to explore by canoe.

Mount Sunapee sits above, behind the Camp, and looks down upon the Lake. It has ski gondolas, ski slopes, and hiking trails. At the top is Lake Solitude. Other mountains nearby include Kearsarge, Ascutney, and Monadnock. All of the mountains have lush forests, with pine and deciduous trees. It is intriguing to watch the hang-gliders. We had many hiking adventures. On one such adventure, Dad and I hiked up Mount Sunapee without a trail, and got lost; so that by the time we reached the top, it was sunset, and we could barely walk down the ski slopes. Once we got down, we had to hitch-hike to our car on the other side of the mountain. I remember we did find ruins of a cabin on one of the bluffs I mapped out, we would never have seen if we had not gone our own route.

Lake Sunapee itself is a powerful 10 miles long, and at its widest part is 3 miles across. The navy blue-grey waters can be very deep. On Great Island, there are 18 summer cottages. Dad and I annually canoed to Minute Island (the smallest island), and then to Great Island (the largest island). The Native American name ‘Soonippi’ meant “Land of Wild Goose Waters”.

On cold days we sat in front of the stone fireplace, with its twin owl andirons, and roasted marsh-mellows. In the mornings we liked to sit on the porch eating breakfast, and watch the sail-boats and motor-boats plow across the Lake. There are two pleasure cruise ships that circle daily; the Dinner Boat and the Sight-Seeing Boat. One of our favorite things to do, was have my uncles drive us in their boats to go get ice-cream at the harbors. One of Dad’s favorite things was to get in the car, and explore around all day. Other favorites included going to St. Gaudens NHS, or the John Hay Estate NWR. At the Hay Estate, which is directly across the Lake from us, we loved to draw the gardens, and walk to Sunset Hill.

Dad and his brothers sold Camp to Uncle Chan’s daughter Kim, so I am glad that my cousin owns it. In 1989 we had a family reunion that saw more relatives than the Camp had in over 50 years, and we got it on video! The main reason I do not travel there every year anymore, is because of the massive distance. For tranquility and adventure, Sunapee is the place to go though!

Harpers Ferry Films

The following movie videos were made by Walton Stowell and friends (originally DTTE Corp.) in and around Harpers Ferry from 1989 onward….







PVHF Full Film  (2007 ttr version)


The ODD FELLOWS LODGE on Filmore Street (IOOF 1st VA)


HARPERS FERRY HOUSES – based on Stowell Architect’s book


STOWELL GALLERIES Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/StowellGalleries


SCOD FALLOUT 2020 http://www.youtube.com/user/SCODgreenhood#grid/user/706861D5307125B4




“Walton / Drogo Interviews” by BackCreekDaddy Films of Hedgesville, WV


Comedy Commercials:  Art Shell’s Boxers, Football Phone, Footbabble, Pepto Commercial, Tampon Ad, Encyclopedia World Book, ….


Dream Sequences


We made many more videos back in the day, just can’t list them all here yet! Will try to add more later….