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Reenactor Brian Woole

Spent an afternoon volunteering with Brian Woole, who spends his free time doing various creative community activities like playing music in a public park group, to reenacting as a newspaper journalist during the Civil War. He agreed to collaborate on a video, so we met downtown in Harpers Ferry.


1.  Downtown at Point  (video 1)

2.  Downtown on Street  (video 2)

3.  Street Highlights   (video 3)



Tristate Mentors (concept)

Tristate Mentors Concept Proposal for Grants

This month I founded ‘Harpers Ferry Mentors’ for low income families & unemployed neighbors. This project is to expand upon local area efforts underway now. The goal is to fund grassroots teaching, learning, and community spirit in the Tristate area (WV, VA, MD). I am doing this for the same reason I do all my projects (see SCOD), because it is how I choose to live as a Veteran Environmental Architect with a Masters Degree.

Tristate Mentors will work with local teachers and professors around the USA to empower the human children of Earth (of all ages and abilities) to be cooperative partners in a progressive future. Tristate Mentors will build from alternative networks established by SCOD (Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development) and Harpers Ferry Mentors; to raise awareness of patterns and cycles of life that have various values, share information and knowledge about various subjects, and encourage wise decision making skills. Mentor wisdom will aid children in utilizing their awareness and knowledge through-out the rest of their lives. Mentors will teach compassionate ethics, environmental sustainability, community consciousness, individual wellness, social justice, and multi-culturalism regarding various common subjects.

I have always been extremely passionate about these issues because of my own education, so I am convinced that if others know what I know, there would be more of us.

The Tristate Mentor project will use multimedia, but will primarily be old-school tutoring. The focus of the project will be paying and giving gifts to students and adult teachers, to sit down with eachother and share what they know. The mutual exchange between mentor and student will focus on positive aspects of progressive living (compassionate ethics, environmental sustainability, community consciousness, individual wellness, social justice, and multi-culturalism). The subjects taught will be Reading, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Local Regional History, US History, World History, Physical Fitness, Psychology, Philosophy, Visual Arts, Video Film-making 101, Performing Arts, Architecture, Art History, Wood Working, Drawing, Gardening, Harpers Ferry History, Martial Arts, Musical Arts,

and more….

To teach others Tristate Mentors must be FREE and AVAILABLE at least to the poorest members of our communities. When students and mentors get gifts and money, they will promote these values. Tristate Mentors can potentially reach thousands of people, and will affect hundreds directly. Since 2000 I have been building up to this point.


WITHOUT GRANTS, MENTORS CANNOT TEACH FOR FREE OR EVEN TRADE. Exceptions include barter gifts of $20 an hour utilitarian equivalents like $20 in gasoline, $20 in something else agreed on but reserve right to decline unless the tutoring is for a life-saving subject.

My childhood friend, Fritz, had a Grandfather named Ganst (short for Ganstas), and a Grandmother named Ganny. Ganst was Mayor of Harpers Ferry; but he found time to play games and tell stories with us kids. Although I was not related to Fritz, these neighbors were like family to me; because my own grandparents had lived far away, and all but one had passed away; in fact all of my family relatives lived far away. We had neighborhood parties, and everyone had a lot of fun back then.

Fritz always loved vehicles, he could name any car on the road; and we often played many games involving ‘driving’. We both loved ghosts and monsters; and Ganst was always willing to play the ‘monster’ that chased us around the neighborhood, yards, and houses; in a sort of horror hide-and-go-seek. It was amazingly fun!

One evening Fritz and I had just watched the movie Amityville Horror, at his house. We had wandered around his mansion and property; running, playing, and even going so far as Harper Cemetery, and the old town well, by the junk car parts and old VW Beetle covered in ivy vines. Now his mother, Freddie told us to get in the jeep (Cherokee) and she would drive us up the street to Ganny and Ganstas house.

We knew that visits with Ganst meant playing ‘Monster’, and hearing spooky mysterious stories. Playing Monster was (as I said) like hide-and-go-seek, but Ganst would make monster sounds, and we hid and ran in terror. Sometimes we had to attack the monster, because he had found or caught us. But no amount of hitting, punching, kicking, or biting would stop the Ganst the Monster for very long. Although sometimes we would land a good strike, and we would hear “Ouch, dammit you little shits!” or something like that, which was as close to victory as it got! There was a real thrill from the fear I felt hearing the monster noises, voices, and being pursued and gripped by a giant white polar-bear (or whatever else we pictured him as)!!

Time playing with Ganst was one of our favorite things to do in town, besides exploring, messing with toys, and watching movies. We also loved stuffed animals. Fritz had a favorite one that he kept with him as a ‘security blanket’, named Clowny. We both had enough stuffed animals that sometimes we slept in piles of them. When we grew up we knew we would be ghost-busters, so we did what we could with what we had at the time.

Ganst was in his back yard, watering the lawn, plants, and flowers with the hose. We begged the mighty Ganstas to tell us a story. Ganst said “Oh you don’t want to hear a story do you!?” And we would say “Yes, yes please!!” And so he would say “The Ganstas will now tell you a story. Are you ready to listen?”

And so our story began…

Fritz has a four wheeler, and Walton has a three wheeler. They are driving down the dark highway at night. It starts to rain. Lightning strikes, and thunder booms!! Soon they come to the edge of a cliff, overlooking a huge sprawling Haunted Mansion. They decide to race down the cliff, and up a jump on the other side of the cliff. They full-throttle their vehicles!

They woosh down the slope, and pop up on the other side. Clowny goes flying high above their vehicles, and suddenly the ramp opens up under the boys, and a Giant Coo-coo (Cuckoo) bird swoops in and nabs Clowny! The bird carries Clowny up and away, before the boys can do anything! The Coo-coo bird then flies into the highest tower of the Haunted Mansion. Fritz and Walton fall into the opening in the ramp. The pitfall becomes a slope underground, leading towards the basement of the Haunted Mansion.

The boys manage to regain control of their steering, and the underground slope levels out into a long tunnel. The tunnel is miles long, so they drive and drive. Their headlights work well, and they avoid traps of all kinds; dodging this way, and that. They come to a parking garage, and come to a halt. They stop their vehicles, and turn off their ignitions. Using their flashlights, they find a set of old stairs.

Eventually they climb all the way up the old stairs to the Mansion. The see a closed hatch above them, and hear a rocking-chair rocking above them, and a cold wind blew past them. Then the strangest thing happens! An old lady in white descends the stairs, and she passes right through them!! “A ghost!!!” They yell, and push open the trap-door hatch quickly, and rush into the front hall of the Mansion.

All the windows are boarded up, and there is a thick layer of dust and cobwebs on all the antique furniture. Walton sees a stairwell leading to the high tower, but Fritz stares frozen in terror, as he spies a Coo-coo Clock on the wall; and it is about to strike Midnight!!!

The tiny arms click into place, and the small clock chimes. The doors swing open on the clock, and the enormous Coo-coo bird that stole Clowny comes out! The giant bird flies out towards the boys, with a dreadful cry; “Cuck-coo Kuck-koo”!! The boys do not stop to think about how such a large bird could fit in such a small clock; they run and scream for their lives!

While Fritz is busy being chased around the house, Walton hides and looks at the Coo-coo clock. The doors on it are still open, and Walton is small enough to fit inside. So carefully, he sneaks from behind some curtains, and climbs onto a chair to reach the clock. Once inside the clock, he realizes it is bigger on the inside, than on the outside. Inside the clock is a large nest, with many stolen items; including Clowny! So grabbing Clowny, Walton climbs back out of the clock, and calls to Fritz.

Hey Fritz! Jump down into the trap door, I have Clowny!” Walton shouts. Fritz is relieved to hear that, as the Coo-coo bird nips his sweater. “Let’s get out of here!! The front door is locked from the outside, I already checked it!” So they jump back down the hatch, as the Coo-coo pecks after them. As they tumble down the steps to the parking lot, they hear the echoes behind them; “Coo-coo Coo-coo”!

They had gotten Clowny from the old Coo-coo Clock, so they run back to their vehicles in the basement, to try to drive back the way they came, and escape. Fritz and Walton start their vehicles, ‘vroom, vroom’; and begin driving back through the tunnel. All the while they hear the Coo-coo bird coming behind them “Coo-coo Coo-Koo”!

The tunnel begins to slope upwards again. Fritz floors it; petal to the metal! Walton floors it! ‘VROOOOM! VROOOOOOOM!’ The slope gets steeper, and steeper. The floor becomes a wall, and they are now driving straight up the wall! They make it out of the pit, just as the giant Coo-coo bird swoops from out of the darkness!!! The ramp opening closes, but the kids have made it out. They drive up the canyon road to safety, and the boys go home to bed. Some nights they still hear the echo “Coo-coo Coo-coo!”

The End


I am Celtic.

My ancestry is predominantly English, traced back to 1066; but that is not the only reason that I say I am Celtic. I am also Celtic as a conscious religious choice, which is not bound by race. Race has always been one of the weakest cultural influences on my mind, as I have eagerly adopted customs and practices from all over the world; from Asian martial-arts to Greek philosophies that combine to form the core of who I am. This multi-culturalism was because of modern globalism, tv, movies, and my liberal parents. Also growing up in the unique community of Harpers Ferry (town of John Brown, the Civil War, Storer College, and the National Park Service) was magical. I was fortunate to have grown up around family friends with the knowledge and wisdom to always look beyond skin color, and not have blind faith in our own racial background.

My pride is transcendent.

My choice in Celtic Paganism as my religion is based mostly on the wisdom of philosophy and respect for Nature. I was taught to be interested in the World, and everything in it. I am a product of middle-class modern America, yes, but Americans are proud of not only upward-mobility, we are fluid. As artsy freethinkers my family freely associated with upper and lower classes, because the beauty of a person is in their spirit and exhibited through their social personality and artisan crafts. We had family friends that were like aunts and uncles to me, and we still do (Smiths, Fiori-Jacksons, Brawleys, Ragos, Pat Long, and many other neighbors and long distance friends).

Every summer we drove 12 hours up to Lake Sunapee, NH. Sometimes we drove to Florida. We had enough money to sometimes travel to foreign countries. We traveled to Italy, Ireland, Russia, England, Canada, Spain, and France. I was exposed to these countries in an architectural context (thanks to Dad), and an artistic context (thanks to Mom).

Forces outside my family were ultimately responsible for determining the expanse of my life. My parents genetically, biologically made me; and extended family gave me social skills, values, education, and community. This foundation allowed for integration and expansion of personal interests from outside sources. My favorite movies and tv shows reflected my enthusiasm for all races and cultures:  A-Team, Smurfs, Spiderman, Shogun, Dr Who, etc… Locally we had thousands of visiting tourists from other countries, the Claymont Alternative Community, and the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Interactive Short Stories – (ISS Series Volumes)

(click on titles to link to their Amazon pages)

1 – Multiple Choice Adventures 1

2 – Grimlok

3 – Falling Waters

4 – Crop Killer

5 – Harpers Faery Fellowship

6 – Multiple Choice Adventures 2

7 – Power Made Easy: Wicked Wizard on Loud Heights


Multiple Choice Adventures 1

Maze, Rob Hood & Darlacks, Castle Molofe, Tartiar, Death Streets, Marsarian, Camping, COM Computer, Super Christmas

Crystal Toe


Grimlok: Beauty & Beast

Grimlok BB


Falling Waters

Waterfall City


Crop Killer: Field of Giants

CK Title


Harpers Faery Fellowship



Multiple Choice Adventures 2

HF Faery Circle


Professor Walton Stowell attended public and private schools in the WV, VA, and MD Tristate area. He earned a Masters Degree in Architecture and was a Civil Engineer in the Air Force. As an artist, architect, and author he hopes to continue sharing stories that engage readers and help make their lives better through creative ideas.

*   These stories are available for sale on Amazon


“This is a multiple-choice adventure short-story. You are the main character! Read the introduction background first. Next keep reading until you come to a list of options. Choose which path you want, then turn to the selection as labeled or directed. Finally enjoy the adventure, and remember you can always go back and try again!”


Articles in WV Encyclopedia by WDS2

Here is a link for the online version of the WV Encyclopedia articles based on my writings. They were later altered by editors, and may be changed entirely in the future. As of 2012 the articles are loosely based on my original essays.


I Will Haunt Harpers Ferry

When I die, my ghost will haunt Harpers Ferry.


I want to make it clear to all; expect to feel my presence around town after I die. I intend to tether myself to the area for a few hundred years at least, specifically in all the places that I visited while I was alive. My spirit will reside most frequently within our family property, and diminishing beyond our block.


Perhaps my ghost will be seen in habitual patterns like reading books, drawing, using stairs, walking the porches, mowing the lawn, or practicing various martial-arts routines. However I could be trapped within a chronic hysteresis depending on the circumstances of my death. If I should have a violent or accidental death, then I give anyone permission to attempt to solve the mystery, and set my soul at ease. Regardless of how I die, or how my corpse or memorial is handled, I am sure of one thing.


I will haunt the living-crap out of Harpers Ferry!

Or i might be reincarnated as a squirrel, or some other small critter, and then shortly die again; and haunt the town as the ghost of that animal. Either way, or both, I am just making my intentions public knowledge.

I will haunt the living-crap out of Harpers Ferry!

– Dr. Sir Walton D. Stowell Esq. III

Crop Killer: Field of Giants

I am writing my next short story = CROP KILLER : Field of Giants !!!

This is another Interactive Short Story (ISS) from my old D&D Campaigns that I wrote in High School, and played with local friends. It is based on my old writings, but modified to make it a multiple choice adventure, and given a new twist (just like the ones already completed; see Pitcher of Immortality, Grimlok, Falling Waters, etc.)

In this adventure I will be addressing the modern issue of commercial developers paving over farmland to make McMansions.

“A sign in the Dead Possum Lodge read “The Valley of Flowers is hiring brave heroes to stop the Bane of Crops!”; in small print at the bottom of page it continued “Must be willing to confront giants!”. From the tales you hear at the lodge, your help is needed. So you are on your way to Flower Valley, because you have decided to defend local farmland from devil-lopers that have summoned giants to destroy the landscape in order to build enormous constructs of evil. You are not sure what you can do, only that you must go for the sake of the land.”







Online video and news channel for local talent.

Does anyone know how to run a local server?

For now we will have to use free platforms:

HFCC Facebook Page

HFCC Youtube Channel

Walton Stowell’s Music

Chronology of Music made by Walton:

1976-1989 Early Years:  baby talk, recording songs i sang with mom, Kings Dominion recording of “Raindrops”, piano & keyboard tunes

1990-1994 High School:  Tolkien Remixes

1995-2000 College:  Lance Simon’s Quartet Flute Music

2001-2010 War Years: deathmetal vocals, flute music, keyboard recordings

2011-2020 Obama Reclamation:  SCOD Collaborative Creative Commons Music