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Reenactor Brian Woole

Spent an afternoon volunteering with Brian Woole, who spends his free time doing various creative community activities like playing music in a public park group, to reenacting as a newspaper journalist during the Civil War. He agreed to collaborate on a video, so we met downtown in Harpers Ferry.


1.  Downtown at Point  (video 1)

2.  Downtown on Street  (video 2)

3.  Street Highlights   (video 3)



Resume for W.D.S. II




Air National Guard                               167th Airlift Wing, Martinsburg, WV 

Civil Engineering & Personnel Apprentice

§    Basic Military Training Course LMABM9T000 6 weeks, Winter 2006

§    Engineering Apprentice Course 00RA PDS-ILI 430 hours 2006

§    Operational Air Force Course 00AA PDS-ILJ 144 hours 2006

§    Personnel Apprentice Course PDS-IF2 208 hours 2008

2004-2005 Shepherd University                                                  Shepherdstown, WV 

Adjunct Faculty – Professor

*     American Architectural Heritage 370, Fall 2004

*     Environmental Architecture 399, Spring 2005

*     American Decorative Arts, 327,  Spring 2005

2000-present Stowell Galleries & Stowell Architects; Harpers Ferry, WV 

Master Architect, Chief Curator, & Deputy Director

*     Client Designs – OF Lodge, Coffee Mill; Laurel Lodge, etc

*     House Documents & Renovations – photos, records, finishes, etc

*     Property Landscape &  Maintenance – flora, fauna, herbs, grounds, etc

*     Porches & Additions – project proposals, cleaning, preparations, etc

*     design & construction – Catanese Carriage House Bed & Breakfast

1993-2002 summers Historic American Building Survey / Engineering Record (HABS / HAER) 

Foreman / Supervisor – draftsman technician

*     architectural – Kenworthy Hall, AL;  Harpers Ferry Train Station, WV

*     structural documentation  –  Potomac Power Plant, WV

*     roads, bridges & landscape documentation – Yosemite NP, CA

*     roads & bridges – Taconic State Parkway, NY;  Crater Lake NP, OR

2000-2004 Practical Environmental Work 

*     Organic Farming – Erdhart’s Farm in  Frederick County, MD

*     Landscape Design – residence        Fairfax, VA

*     Landscaping – residence        Vienna, VA

*     Organic Gardening – Claymont;  Bower Farm in  Jefferson Co, WV


Master of Architecture   (M.A.)  

1997-2000   Savannah College of Art and Design  Savannah, GA

S.C.O.D. Thesis, GPA 3.8

2005-2008  ANG United States Air Force Senior Airman E-4

Civil Engineering & Personnel  Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

1994-1996  Roger Williams University Architecture School   Bristol, RI

Historic Preservation, History of Architecture, Design & Theory

2007-2008  IOOF Vice Noble Grand Harpers Ferry, WV


2006-2007  Missouri Veteran’s Home

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

2005 –  Historic Landmarks Commission

Harpers Ferry, WV

2004 –  IOOF community breakfasts

Harpers Ferry, WV

2003 –  JCCCG environmental activism

Jefferson Co, WV

2000-2002  Local Landscape Architecture;

Harpers Ferry, WV

1996-2000  Local History & Drawings;

Harpers Ferry, WV

1994-1995 summers, – HABS, NPS; Harpers Ferry, WV

1993 — Documented John Hay Estate;

Sunapee, NH

Air National Guard (ANG) Martinsburg, WV 

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Jefferson County Citizens for Considerate Growth (JCCCG)

National Parks and Conservation Association (NPCA)

Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)

Essay Contest Winner: Residency at Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water”, Henderson Scholarship, IOOF Scholarship, 10 Art Awards, Drama Award, Scholar-Athlete Soccer Award, National Honor Society scholarship winner, Principal’s Award: St. Johns most exemplified model student, White Rope Certificate for Military Chaplain’s Assistant, Ft. Leonard Wood, Military Certificates including Base & NATO Secret Security Clearance
Architectural History, History, Reenactment, Social Studies, Film, Video, Alternative Energy, Urban Planning, Green Design, Horticulture, Arts, Literature, Illustration, Writing, and other Liberal Arts
P.R. :  po box 603 • harpers ferry, wv 25425 •